Keeping the Home Toxin-Free

Keeping the Home Toxin-Free

As parents, we always want the best for our kids. The best food. The best clothes. The best education. You name it! But when it comes to their health, we should always go two steps further in making sure our decisions are well-founded.
Given the fact that there are numerous health threats even at home, it's our job to make sure that our kids are able to lead healthier lives free from accidents and disease. It all starts at home, where your children are exposed to things that may contain hazardous materials.
A toxic-free home is a healthy home, so it's important to be extra cautious of the things we bring to the house and make sure that they don't expose our kids to danger. Here are a few things to remember in securing a home that's free from pollutants and potentially dangerous substances.

Encourage a less plastic-centric lifestyle

Plastics are all around us. They are in the toys our children are playing with and they are also in the utensils and baby bottles we store on the kitchen shelf. One thing's for sure, though, plastics are a major health concern as much as they are an environmental one. These materials contain substances that, under humid and warm temperatures, can actually seep into food or diffuse in the air.
It's important to use less plastic. If you normally use plastic containers to microwave your food, you may as well use glass. On the other hand, when you're going out to buy groceries, opt to use a paper bag instead of a plastic one. Finally, you can replace your child's utensils with wooden ones so you won't have to worry about them chewing bits of plastic that could be poisonous.

Check the labels of food

When you're out shopping for groceries, it's always important to keep your family's safety in mind, especially that of the kids. Your shopping list should be based on the recommended food items that are safe for the kids.
It's a simple matter of checking the back or underside of the products you're buying. What are the main ingredients? You should know so you can avoid buying food that contains known pollutants and toxins. Normally, these products undergo material analysis before they are sold for consumption. To be sure, you can have the products undergo lab testing or avoid them altogether if you have a negative hunch.

Use alternative pest control methods

It's a no-brainer that cockroaches and rats can bring various diseases to the household. The only way to deal with pest problems such as these is to eliminate them entirely. Normally, using chemical-based pest control methods isn't exactly a great way to achieve a healthier home, anymore a less toxic one.
Make sure you use biological or organic means to reduce pest populations. There are many natural methods you can use to kill off pests. Ants, for example, are best dealt with using lemon juice. Roach populations, on the other hand, are best controlled by simply maintaining a clean home and covering possible entry points.
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