Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2022

One of the ways to express how much we love and care about the planet is by giving holiday gifts that Mother Nature would approve of. Green gifts can come in all shapes, sizes, and themes and benefit the environment in a variety of ways. Products can be organic, vegan, plastic-free, made from recycled materials, consist of sustainable ingredients, include eco-labels, or have an environmental theme.

Whether you are shopping for your own kids, niece, nephew, grandkids, or friends, you will be sure to find some adorable and eco-friendly options below for your holiday gift list. By choosing these types of products, you will be making a powerful difference in the world and showing the younger generation how to treat the planet with love, respect, and kindness. And they will have so much fun doing so!

Give the gift of organic this holiday season! Our I Love You Robe, Footie & Blanket is the perfect gift for a new or expecting mother. Our clothes are made with only the finest environmentally friendly GOTS-certified organic cotton and are always free of harsh dyes, bleaches, and chemicals.

Finding Ecohappiness: Fun Nature Activities to Help Your Kids Feel Happier and Calmer

Are your kids stressed? Are they feeling a bit down? Do your children―and you―need a break from screens? Nature can help. What we all suspected intuitively for generations, science has now confirmed: spending time connecting to nature is a safe, effective tool to help improve our health and happiness.

In Finding Ecohappiness, author Sandi Schwartz guides families in building regular habits of experiencing nature to reduce stress and boost mood. She explores key positive psychology tools from a nature-loving perspective. You will learn simple, practical tips for incorporating these tools―awe and gratitude, mindfulness, creative arts, outdoor play and adventure, volunteering, food, and animals―into your daily routine to help your children thrive and live a happy, balanced life.

Finding Ecohappiness will introduce you to all kinds of engaging nature activities you can do with your kids, from hiking and bike rides to visiting nature centers and science museums to volunteering outdoors to embarking on ecotourism adventures. In addition, you will discover unique nature relaxation activities like cow cuddling, animal yoga, forest bathing, float therapy, and earthing. Nature isn’t just for kids, either―doing these activities with your children will tremendously improve your own well-being, too.

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Sky's Search for Ecohappiness

Do your kids ever feel scared or blue, and not sure what to do? Sky knows that feeling, too. Join Sky as she steps outside to explore how nature can help her feel happier and calmer.

Sky’s Search for Ecohappiness tells the story of a young girl’s quest to manage that feeling of uneasiness many children cannot quite name but know they feel. Backed by scientific research supporting nature-based stress reduction tools for school-aged children, this story invites readers to follow Sky on her journey as she discovers fun ways to feel happier and calmer using nature.
Sky and her friends experience the relaxing and mood-boosting benefits of gratitude, mindfulness, kindness, and creativity in the natural world through yoga, painting, volunteering, playfulness, and awe. This helpful and entertaining story invites children to be present in their feelings and take some manageable steps to balance them.

Available on Amazon, Bookshop, and wherever books are sold.

& NEST was established out of love and appreciation for thoughtfully designed and exceptionally crafted items that use sustainable and natural materials.  They strive to bring you products that are durable and timeless, allowing you to pass them on from child to child, and even generation to generation. They have an approach to everyday life of owning less but owning well.  Letting your possessions uplift your spirit and stir your imagination. Surrounding yourself with the things you love, and having those things serve you for a lifetime.
Their Alphabet Blocks and Puppy Pull-Along are among many sustainable toys.
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Safe + Fair takes pride in a clean approach so you can take pride in feeding your family real food that tastes great all day long. They are a family favorite with something for everyone to enjoy. Their head chef, Jess, dreams up creations right in her home kitchen. They know there is nothing more important than food safety. They implement the strictest food allergy testing in the world to ensure their products are Top 9 Allergen Free.
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